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AccessLOOP provide an easy to use online tool for adding live captions and sign language to livestreams and virtual events.

Their Proposition:

By combining innovating technology with passionate industry experts, AccessLOOP has the knowledge and experience, to bring quality inclusivity to events and virtual communications with ease.

Bringing AI and human expertise together to curate real time captions ensures accuracy of translation and dialogue, delivering the quality of communication not always found with some of the more basic tools available.


The Opportunity:

Two years ago, the working world took to a virtual stage, and in the UK, with most employees working from home, the emergence of online events and company communications proliferated. AccessLOOP set out with the goal to provide true inclusivity for these events, giving everyone the same access to any event across the most common platforms. Combining innovative technology with passionate and knowledgeable industry experts was the way to bring quality inclusivity to events with ease.


Creating The Buzz:

The co-founders of AccessLOOP engaged with The Buzz to provide flexible and trusted marketing resource to drive awareness and lead generation across various industry sectors. Working with the co-founders, The Buzz analysed the market and customer insights to define a clear 3 year marketing strategy and 12-month plan to guide marketing spend and implementation going into their second year of business.

Deliverables include:

  • Strategic team workshops
  • Brand audit
  • 3 year marketing strategy, segmentation, targeting, positioning
  • 12-month tactical plan and budget
  • Multi-channel content creation and implementation
  • Regular analytics and reporting
  • Website optimisation
  • Artworking
  • Copywriting
  • Award entries
  • Thought leadership
  • Webinars and podcast management

“We are super excited to have The Buzz on board with us. We have had a successful first year in business and now look to bring AccessLOOP to the forefront of minds when it comes to planning in person and virtual events. We look to help educate key sectors about the importance of high-quality inclusivity and deliver our vision, to ensure all live events and streamed communications are delivered with high-quality inclusivity as a default. Our technology and model ensures everyone is considered and included. We look to educate and advocate so that the future of all events will be accessible.”

Orla Pearson| AccessLOOP| Co-Founder

“The moment we met Elaine, Orla and Dan we were hooked. They are such passionate experts in a field many know little about. It is an exciting time for AccessLOOP, with opportunity in abundance and now in their second year we will help them accelerate the platform into the UK and US market. I urge everyone to ask themselves, if when they became virtual, did you remember to make it inclusive? And do you know what that truly means? If not, we know a great team of people who do.”

Leonie Cowton | The Buzz | Company Director

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