Their Proposition:

LiquidSpace is the largest global on-demand office marketplace (offering workspaces you can book by the hour, day, or longer) and hybrid workplace management platform, supporting businesses implement and manage their hybrid workplace strategies. It launched in 2011, when coworking wasn’t a familiar term, with the firmly held belief that businesses should trust and empower employees to have some agency over how and where they work.

In 2019, before the pandemic, large businesses accounted for 30% of coworking consumption, but LiquidSpace was already seeing a higher portion of its business from large enterprises.


The Opportunity:

When the pandemic first hit, LiquidSpace anticipated it would cause ripples in Corporate Real Estate as businesses looked intensely at both cost saving activity and how they needed to adapt to attract and retain their people, in a changing environment. In response LiquidSpace pivoted its business model to focus more on answering these needs.

The foundation behind the idea of LiquidSpace was to power individual choice; to give the employee the ability to book space for the task in hand – that could for be an hour, or a day, or multiple days.

The pandemic forced the realisation that when given the choice to work from anywhere, productivity was prioritised and businesses began to consider hybrid working as a way to empower employees, but also reduce overheads, longer-term.

Two years on, most companies are seeing that the total cost of a hybrid workplace (fixed, traditional, plus coworking,) is going to be less than what they were spending as a total cost of workplace pre-hybrid.

Companies are going to be more economically efficient coming out of this, and arguably more productive as their employees find healthier, and more personalised approaches to whatever the right mix of work and place is for them individually. So it’s going to be an economic win across the board.


Creating The Buzz:

LiquidSpace partners with The Buzz to provide a full in-house marketing team, to maximise the new opportunity presented by the pandemic and emerging trends in employee behaviour. The challenge was to reach businesses of all sizes, across North America and beyond to raise awareness of LiquidSpace’s unique value proposition and to drive quality enterprise leads into the sales funnel and maximise ongoing engagement.

Embodying the very brand of LiquidSpace, all employees work remotely – ‘Work from Where it Works’.

The team are responsible for the creation and execution of the marketing strategy, which focuses on lead generation, brand awareness, global supply growth and customer success engagement.

Deliverables include:

  • Strategic direction and development
  • Yearly tactical plan and budget management
  • Brand positioning
  • Multi-channel content creation and implementation – including managing social media, online (blog) content, email nurture sequences, sales and marketing collateral
  • Marketing strategy, segmentation, targeting, positioning
  • Lead generation
  • Project Management
  • PR communications
  • Support of sales and customer success teams
  • Copywriting / content production
  • Regular analytics and insight reports

“The Buzz has been an extraordinary addition to the LiquidSpace Crew. They’ve brought deep experience with the commercial real estate industry, and a highly talented and integrated team of marketing specialists, with the ability to scale and adapt at the pace of our business. Their value goes beyond the marketing outcomes that they deliver. The Buzz founder Leonie Cowton and her team have also become pillars of our company culture. I am a huge fan of the Buzz model, its people and its work product”

Mark Gilbreath | LiquidSpace / CEO/Founder

“After working with the amazing LiquidSpace team for a couple of years now, I continue to be fascinated by their insights into the changing state of the workplace and employee behaviours, in organisations across the globe.

Wherever you look, every business is talking about and making changes to accommodate new workplace strategies – most, perplexed at the challenges they face. We are supporting the growth of a business that takes away those complexities; has a model to strategise and data to shape more accurate outcomes; and a platform to ensure the access, visibility and controls leaders are looking for to enable businesses to empower their employees with the choice of where to work.

Our job – make sure everyone knows about it.

LiquidSpace were and are pioneers in the flexible workspace industry, and it’s a pleasure to work with a team who are so passionate and driven by the happiness and productivity of people. We look forward to continuing our work with them.”

Leonie Cowton | The Buzz | Company Director

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