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What was The Buzz in January?

Our monthly roundup of real estate industry news.
As always, January was a bustling month in the world of real estate, work and workplace. Here are a few of the stories that caught our attention.

Most managers believe flexible working helps productivity

According to a survey by the Equal Parenting Project (jointly run by the University of Birmingham and the University of York), managers are more positive about flexible working than they have ever been, with three-quarters believing that it increases productivity and 62.5% considering that it boosts motivation.

Managers believe flexible working helps productivity finds the most flexible industries to work in

After the announcement from the UK government that employees can ask for flexible working from day one (previously it could only be requested after 26 weeks of employment), have scoured job listings on LinkedIn to find the most flexible industries. They found that Software is the most flexible industry, with over 28% of jobs being advertised as fully remote. You can find the full results in the link.

The most flexible industries to work in


Data tracking software is giving operators a competitive advantage

With the rise of remote work, companies are using new technology and data platforms to track the usage and capacity of their spaces, making informed decisions on expansion, pricing, and site selection. This could be crucial for coworking operators to remain successful and provide the best experience for their members.

Coworking and data tracking software


Disney tells staff to return to the office four days a week

Disney’s boss has told employees who are currently working from home, to return to the office four days a week from March. Bob Iger, chief executive has said “creativity is the heart and soul of who we are and what we do at Disney. And in a creative business like ours, nothing can replace the ability to connect.’

Disney CEO tells employees to return to the office


TikTok remote staff face disciplinary action

In a similar move, TikTok is also clamping down on remote work, telling employees they face disciplinary action and in some cases losing their jobs, if their home address wasn’t in proximity of their work address. And if they don’t live nearby? Move.

TikTok clamps down on remote working


Unlimited time off?

Microsoft will no longer require US employees to formally record vacation thanks to a new “Discretionary Time Off” policy. Microsoft’s chief people officer, Kathleeen Hogan said, “we’ve transformed, modernising, our vacation policy to a more flexible model”. On top of this, they’ll offer 10 corporate holidays, leaves of absence, sick and mental health time off, time away for jury duty and bereavement.

Microsoft offer staff flexible vacation policy


Fintech firm Revolut sets up team to address corporate culture

Revolut, Britain’s most valuable fintech company, is creating a team to monitor staff behaviour and address recent criticism of its corporate culture. The new division, consisting of psychologists and behavioural experts, aims to encourage a more “human” approach to a diverse working environment that has reportedly driven out some staff.

Revolut focus on improving corporate culture


Space UK kicks off 2023 events

If you didn’t see our earlier roundup, here were a few of our takeaways from Space UK which took place at Convene, 22 Bishopsgate, earlier this month.

  • ‘Don’t build and disappear’ was the message from Keynote Speaker, Judith Everett, The Crown Estate. Referring to the responsibility developers have to create communities, not just buildings.
  • ESG – office customers want a workspace that represents their core company values
  • Leading Change – British Land COO David Walker stressed the importance of “diversity of thought” and good “old-fashioned” KPIs when responding rapidly to change.
  • Diversity & Inclusion – it’s time to take action and make difficult decisions to ensure companies in the real estate industry truly reflect the diverse communities they are serving
  • Brand Building & UX – The Office Group (TOG and Fora)‘s Charlie Green spoke the importance of knowing “who you are”, giving the example of WeWork as “possibly the best realisation of brand in real estate, what they did with their brand was extraordinary”.


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