What was The Buzz in February?

Is there a one-size-fits-all solution to the future of where we work? Well, no. There’s certainly a seismic shift happening across the workplace and it is completely revolutionising the way we think about offices, remote working and employees’ workplace needs, meaning a new standard way of working is forming.

As restrictions in the UK ease, some companies are choosing a full return to the office but are they listening to their employees? As stated by MarketingWeek 2022 Career and Salary Survey, some 82.6% of the 4,463 respondents rate flexible or hybrid working as either important or very important. If companies want to retain staff and entice new talent, they will need to offer a level of flexibility or a more hybrid way of working in order to appease the newly empowered employee.

At The Buzz we promote an agile approach and offer flexible marketing resource for growing businesses in and around the world of Real Estate. Our colleagues have full flexibility to work from where works for them, and in turn our clients have access to a multitude of energised and passionate marketeers for the hours and days of support that they need.

The future is flexible.

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