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In an ever more flexible, but budget constrained world, how does your real estate focused company balance both its internal and external marketing resource and find the right people to support you at the times when you need it most?  

The issues you face will of course differ, depending on the shape and size of your company, and where you are in the lifecycle of your business.

If you are a property related startup, or scale-up, with no, limited, or perhaps quite junior, marketing resource, the “how to” of marketing can often look daunting.  Your time and budgets are usually limited, and your skills and focus are quite rightly on your business direction, development and delivery and not on the marketing of the real estate product or new property services you are creating. Understanding what the journey forward looks like and what marketing could and should accomplish to drive your business objectives strategically is essential, but how do you map this? What resource and budgets will you need in years one, two, and beyond to be successful? Hiring fixed resource is costly and may not give you all the tools you need at the times you need them. Or can you find freelancers and tap into their knowledge and experience and hope this is sufficient? A freelancer’s skills might be useful, but assuming you can find someone who seems suitable, inevitably you will be restricted by what their knowledge, experience and skill sets are.

If yours is a mid-level, or even larger-sized real estate company, you probably have internal full, or part time, marketing resources in place. However, as you grow, restructure your marketing function, or have specific specialist or project needs, should you recruit more people?  This may give you the immediate resource needed but is that always sustainable in the longer term? Alternatively, you could go via a traditional agency route, but will this provide the real estate marketing knowledge, levels of experience and best fit of people for your specific needs? Will services be offered in a clear upfront, transparent way, so you know exactly what you are getting and with no demands for more time or additional budgets?  A freelance route might seem easier but finding individuals who know and understand your markets and sector can be challenging. Will they be a good cultural fit with the right skills? LinkedIn may not open the doors you need and using a recruiter is hugely costly and the right talent may not be on their books anyway.  

Whether your business is on the starting blocks or well down the track, there’s no doubt that finding the right property marketing resource to match your specific needs can be a bit of minefield, taking effort, time and often costing more than you want. It also might not ultimately result in the best match for your business.  

If your ambition is a swift process, that gets you tried and trusted, capable property marketing resource, with the skills you need, exactly when you need it, and with fully transparent budgets and no hidden costs, then there is another, more curated and flexible route you could explore. Instead of the traditional agency route, where you get what you’re given, or the freelancer route, where you get what you can find, an agency like The Buzz might be your perfect solution.  

But why is this different from a standard agency route? It’s different because instead of a fixed group of people being allocated to your business, the Buzz offers a collective of hand-picked talent, a sort of pick and mix of trusted real estate marketing people with a vast range of different skills and experience.  

From strategic planning, branding, project management and delivery, to content creation, creative design, events and all your digital marketing needs, our approach is not one size fits all, but true flexibility. By initially working with you to fully understand your business or project strategy and define your marketing objectives and needs, we then curate and implement tailored marketing solutions, matching you at each stage with the right combination of experience, skills and personalities.      

Importantly, whether your project is for the short or long term, there are no recruitment costs or risks. Instead, you get a fully flexible service that is curated to your marketing needs with people who see themselves as an extension of your team being by your side, coming in when you need them, but ready in the wings when you don’t.    

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